Making Arduino, Electronics, Sensors, and Programming Available to Everyone!

While it looks a little daunting, the HyperDuino is actually pretty much perfect for introducing students to Arduino, electronics, sensors, and even programming. The beauty of the HyperDuino shield is that it lets you interact with the Arduino at multiple skill levels.

  • A complete beginner can follow simple ‘insert tab A into slot B’ instructions and have an interactive display set up in an hour or less. (Imagine a diorama that has buttons to light up LEDs to demonstrate different parts. I’d wager this is easier to do than the basic Makey Makey projects.)
  • For more adventurous students, it’s just a small jump to incorporate web video. (Now imagine pushing the button and having an LED light up, but also start playing a YouTube video. This even works on Chromebooks!)
  • For the junior programmers (or even the senior programmers!), they can add a few simple servos (we have those, too) and bring more dynamic interaction into it. (Keep imagining! Imagine a model of a hydro-electric damn with a small motor to illustrate the turbines.)
  • And for those who want to program, the Arduino and HyperDuino are easily programmed with block-based systems like Scratch and iForge, all the way up to the full Arduino Create space.

Oh yeah, almost forgot--want to try?