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STEM Pre-Academy

Welcome to the STEM Pre-Academy!

The STEM Pre-Academy fosters inspiration and relevance in Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics primarily through initiatives, such as teacher workshops, technical focus sessions, and collaborative interaction between middle school teachers and subject matter experts. This teacher-driven multidisciplinary program helps middle school public educators develop and implement research and technology based student curriculum including lessons, activities and projects.

The STEM Pre-Academy is a state-funded program, focused on public middle school teachers in Hawaii.

Latest News

Feature Project: iPad Enabled Digital Publishing @ Moanalua Middle School

At Moanalua Middle School, Language Arts teacher Kathy Nagaji and her team piloted a project with students entitled, “iPad Enabled Digital Publishing”. They drew inspiration from the October 2013 iPad workshop co-presented by STEM Pre-Academy, Hawaii Creative Media, and students from Searider Productions, Wai`anae High School.

Follow-up Mini Workshop: Water Quality Field Trip to Kualoa Ranch

On Saturday, July 26, 2014, teachers from Waipahu Intermediate, Aliamanu Intermediate, Moanalua Middle and Ewa Makai Middle schools met at Kualoa Ranch Educational Center to participate in the STEM Pre-Academy Water Quality Follow-Up Mini Workshop.

Dr. Marek Kirs, a researcher at the University of Hawaii Water Resources Research Center, shared his research data and insight on water quality in the streams and beaches in Hawaii.

The Leaves

Recent Comments:

lhashimoto: @mjadulang Any advice for Randy on using the sensors vs. basic kits for water... Read More...
spramento: @randallshinn Hi Randall , thank you for the question. Brandt Like (@... Read More...
lhashimoto: Hi @pyerxa. Shaun's tag is @spramento. Shaun is usually here until about... Read More...
edwinjcolon: Hi @pyerxa, I can Skype call you tomorrow or Friday at lunch time to go over... Read More...
edwinjcolon: You are welcome! I talked to @arielvillanueva from Kapolei Middle School and... Read More...
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Found this surprisingly flexible graphing and plotting app today on sale for $1.99. Check it out! A great teacher-toolbox app!

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Our own Lori Hashimoto ( @lhashimoto ) spotted these bones on a recent trip to the beach, can you identify the creature that they came from? Login and add your comment below!

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Photo Credit: Lori Hashimoto
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Aquaponics Users:

I'm about to embark on my aquaponic unit and wanted to ask for advice. Did any of you have your students use sensors to measure water quality of water? Or did you just use the simple water kits?

Jan 9 2015 - 7:30am

spramento's picture


Hi Randall , thank you for the question. Brandt Like (@hawaiianboy1994) has done some tremendous things with his aquaponics unit. He may be able to provide some answers. On a related note, we will be working with him in developing an aquaponics tutorial video!

Jan 12 2015 - 10:26am
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@mjadulang Any advice for Randy on using the sensors vs. basic kits for water quality measurements?

1 day ago
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Build your own Rubik's cube solving robot! This utilizes the fundamentals of building and programming a robot with the task of solving a rubick's cube.
#robotics #stemproject

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Hi Paige, thank you for stopping by!
Re: @pyerxa @spramento
Aloha Sean - are you in the office today? Can I drop off those water testing supplies from Jarrett? (It's Paige)

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