Digital Media Applications

STEM Pre-Academy and the STEM Fellows - Digital Media offer a variety of workshops, online and in-person, throughout the year.

Ho‘okumu STEM Project

The Ho‘okumu STEM Project is a three-year endeavor, developed in cooperation with the Wai‘anae Community Redevelopment Corporation, for the development of workshops, activities, and tools for the application of digital media in the classroom. Through hands-on, real-world projects, students will learn the skills necessary for growth and entry into the global workforce.

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STEM Fellows -
Digital Media

The STEM Fellows - Digital Media team consists of Josiah Endo, and Deana Goslin – All graduates of Wai‘anae High School's Searider Productions program. The Fellows have been working hard, putting together a series of informative online workshops on Visual Storytelling.

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Visual Storytelling

Interactive Formative Assessment